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Also, please visit pocketnap to discover how you can feel relaxed and recharged in just 15 minutes.Enjoy!!


pocketnap is an eyes closed experience that you can do sitting or lying down and works by using gentle imagery and specific language patterns to guide you into your own unique state of relaxation and renewal.

And because it’s so relaxing, you must never listen while driving or operating machinery.

Pocketnaps are easily downloadable from the pocketshop and you can then transfer them to your choice of mp3 player, mp3 phone, burn to CD or listen straight from your Mac or PC. So now you can feel good wherever it suits you most…at your desk, in the park, on a train or even at home.

And they’re specially designed to be short enough to fit in to the busiest of schedules and skimpiest of lunch breaks. You can pocketnap to get going first thing in the morning, to avoid brain drain or for switching off at the end of a busy day at work. Any time you’re running out of steam and need an extra boost.

You’ve probably already noticed that when you give your mind and body a complete rest, your system naturally re-energizes and you feel much better. Like recharging your phone or laptop.

To choose a flavour to suit your mood, visit the pocketshop.

“I liked the excuse to take 15min to myself every day.” Andrew Sinclair, Restauranteur, UK

“I felt immediately more relaxed, alert and noticeably happier.” Charles Veevers, Psychologist, Australia

“Sends you out the other end feeling energised and refreshed… sound yummy? It is.” Arzu Unel-Cleary, Business Owner/Mum, UK